Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Look at Me!

I took Lily for her 1 year check up yesterday. For her, it was her 13 1/2 month check up but who's counting? She's now 30.3 inches tall (75 percentile) and weighs in at 20.8lbs (20-50% percentile). She's changing so rapidly I can hardly believe it. She's now saying, "all done", "hi", "cracker", "mama" and "dadee" and walking very well. Here's a short clip we have of her walking. It's not the best quality but it will be a nice treat for those who haven't seen her walk yet. I discovered Lily could drink through a straw accidentally a few weeks back. We had several people over from the neighborhood and I had bought juice boxes for the kids. She was intrigued by the little boxes all the kids were carrying around and when the little boy from across the street left his juice within Lily's reach she snagged it and started walking around the house happily slurping away. We now enjoy smoothies a couple of times a week. Here she is enjoying her first smoothie. I just love seeing her little ruby lips wrap around that straw. Here's a couple of pictures from a weekend trip to the park. She loves watching and being around other kids at the park.

Here she is just after stealing a cracker from the diaper bag. She loves loves crackers so much she's saying the word already. It comes out, "Cra Cra" but with all the pointing and grunting you know what she means. We put her in her cheerleader outfit for the first day of football season.

She still gets excited about picking tomatoes. She does a great job picking them but it's a challenge to get her to put them in the bowl rather than her mouth.

Just a cutie