Friday, October 16, 2009

Lily & Jaxx

Here's a set of pictures I find so cute. They're of Lily and her cousin Jaxx when they were both spending time with my parents last month. Watching these two waddle around the house together in their matching glow in the dark skeleton pajamas was a riot. One can only imagine what was going through Lily's mind when this picture was taken. Fear of her finger being bitten off? Concern that her hands were so greased up with butter that she wouldn't be able to hold onto her delicious toast once Jaxx clamped down? I can't tell how big a bite Jaxx was able to get but Lily quickly decides that she deserves some of his toast... And then they finally realize they don't have to fight because great grandma Dona is a pushover and will give them the whole loaf of bread drenched in as much butter as they want because they're cute and adorable and have matching glow in the dark skeleton outfits. She's a good grandma :)

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